Responsible Chocolate

Currently, it is still not possible to manufacture the taste of cocoa beans and their refreshing effects synthetically. High-quality chocolate is a natural delicacy that stimulates both the body and mind.

At Kultasuklaa, we want to ensure that the raw materials we use are produced responsibly and that we do our part to ensure that cocoa beans are grown sustainably in the future. You can enjoy our chocolates with a good conscience when you know that we take care of the well-being of the people and environment involved in our production process.

suklaa makumatka

Responsible chocolate at Kultasuklaa

Association for Finnish Work’s Key Flag Symbol

Association for Finnish Work’s Key Flag Symbol

The Key Flag is a familiar symbol for Finns, which indicates that the product has been manufactured or the service has been produced in Finland. By choosing products with this symbol, you are helping to create Finnish jobs and safeguarding their future.

Cocoa - UTZ certified

Cocoa – UTZ certified

The UTZ certification is the world’s largest certification program focused on sustainable cocoa bean cultivation. It covers more than 760,000 farmers, for whom the program aims to provide a good livelihood and guarantee environmentally-friendly farming methods.